Tuesday, September 23, 2014

YAMAHA in Pakistan

IT"S been more than three years now when we first heard about Yamaha Japan coming to Pakistan. Well, guess what, it's coming soon with some exciting bikes. There is a great hope that the bikes will be powered by EFI engines, first time in Pakistani motorbike market. I am hopeful that Yamaha will be a great success with the models they plan to introduce, no I shall not reveal the model name yet ;) Let's just wait a little bit more :D
Yamaha first came to Pakistan somewhere around the end of 1970s. The first Pakistani model arrived in the year 1984, I learnt riding on an 84, it was one tough horse. The YB100 ruled in its time till Yamaha was replaced by DYL that brought bikes with Chinese engines and only used the name of Yamaha. 2015, however, is going to bring a revolution in the Pakistani motorcycle market and I am looking forward to it, already decided which model to buy :)

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