Monday, August 09, 2010

Yamaha YZF 250 R4

Yamaha will release New YZF 250 R4. This motor seems to be a serious challenge Kawasaki Ninja 250 R. Yamaha manufacturing efforts seemed to bear new members of the caste YZF R slightly parted, at least Photos of the new sports Yamaha Motor has been spread in cyberspace. From the shape of this motor is not much to take from the design YZF R6 brother and sister who was born first YZF R125. The tank design, the front headlamp, rear view mirror, footstep, muffler, under fenders, rear fender, seat, and other details really adopted YZF R6 style. Unlike Ninja 250R handlebar, 250 R handlebar shape sporty type so that will force to rider little duck. Front tires have applied the dual-disc brake.

Not a lot of data of YZF 250 R4 machine specifications, but the indication this bike in production with a minimum engine twin cylinder DOHC and supported by direct injection. Viewed from Yamaha brings courage spec rear tire tread width, apparently carried by the motor power is greater than the Ninja 250 R. My second indication of this bike will meet customers much higher than the Ninja 250R, at least until the $ 2000 higher than the Ninja 250R that are likely to face-to-face directly with the Cagiva Mito Aprilia RS 525 and 125.

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