Monday, September 29, 2014

Suzuki Pakistan VERSUS Suzuki India

INDIAN motorcycle market is decades ahead of ours' thanks to the great competition in the Indian motorcycle market. Motorcycling scene in Pakistan is quite pathetic overall. Honda has the major market share being the giant present here for quite some time now. Although Suzuki is also present in the market since long but they never targeted to capture the major market. It would not be out of place to say that GS150 is perhaps the only bike by Suzuki that sold the most during all this time but unfortunately it does not have too many satisfied customers.

Coming back to the topic, Suzuki India, as is the general trend, is decades ahead of Suzuki Pakistan. Compare Indian GS150R to that of GS150 in Pakistan:

Indian GS150R:

Pakistan's GS150:

It's been q while since GS150 was first introduced in Pakistan. Prices kept on increasing but the quality was compromised while the bike received only cosmetic changes, hardly any improvement.

On the other hand, India updated the GS150R with the GSXR155, an even more stylish bike with great features and stunning looks. GSXR has literally challenged the established FZ16 market in India and some consider it even more stylish than the FZ.

Suzuki GSXR155:

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